Looking Forward

Saving the Bay requires a unified voice. Fifty years after the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) was formed, you, our members, continue to be that voice. Contributing your time, talent, and resources to our programs, your efforts help the Bay rebound and improve in both scientific measurements and visible progress. However, our work is far from over. Together, we will use this voice to ensure a healthy, sustainable Bay for future generations. Look forward with us!


Chesapeake Bay Foundation
CBF President Will Baker and Chairman Harry Lester


Driving Environmental Literacy

Combining classroom learning with hands-on education is the cornerstone of our Environmental Education Program and the best way to teach students about the Chesapeake Bay. After successfully providing educators with the tools and resources needed to incorporate environmental education into their classrooms, we're expanding our reach in schools.


Educated 32,336 students, teachers, and adults through our pioneering outdoor Environmental Education Program.

Launched a new Environmental Education Program at the Brock Environmental Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Created An Educator's Guide to the Meaningful Watershed Environmental Experience (MWEE) to grow environmental literacy.


Earning Support for Clean Water

"When people get connected, they want to make a difference," says volunteer Clean Water Captain Lani Hummel. CBF knows that many voices are more powerful than one, which is why we engage our members and build a community to help us advocate for the Bay.


Inspired 40,000 CBF advocates take more than 50,000 actions through petitions and action alerts.

Promoted scientific management of Atlantic menhaden and generated more than 14,000 comments to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.

Advocated strongly for the restoration of three-dimensional oyster reefs and sustainable oyster harvest management in Maryland and Virginia.


Standing Up for Your Health and Our Clean Water

Our health depends on the environment around us—the air we breathe and the water we drink. CBF jumps into action when residents of the Bay's watershed are suffering from air pollution, sewage backups, and water pollution. We are working with Baltimore residents to clean up their own backyard.


Received the 2017 President's Award from The National Association of Environmental Professionals.

Filed a motion to ensure enforcement and interpretation of the Forest Conservation Easement in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Petitioned the D.C. Court of Appeals to review the Federal Stormwater Construction General Permit issued by EPA to address runoff on construction sites.


Grazing for Clean Water and Profitable Farms

Reduced costs, better animal health, and decreased polluted runoff from farms are all possible through grazing and good pasture management. This year, CBF secured roughly $1 million in funding to help farmers across the region expand grazing operations—a win for both farmers and the environment.


Planted 40,770,999 juvenile oysters on sanctuary reefs throughout the Chesapeake Bay.

Restored 67.7 acres of wetlands that help filter water and provide habitat for wildlife, and added 28.82 miles of stream buffers that soak up pollution before it reaches local waterways.

Organized an estimated 6,000 Clean the Bay Day volunteers to remove approximately 100,000 pounds of litter and debris at 250 sites along 450 miles of Virginia shoreline.


Evolving with Green Technology

As technology grows, so must we. This year, CBF's Philip Merrill Center invested in solar panels and our Brock Center produced more energy than it used. These LEED Platinum facilities continue to evolve in their effort to give back to the environment. Our green buildings reflect our mission to Save the Bay.


Invested in mission-critical technology to increase our communications, office efficiencies, advocacy, digital engagement, and donor actions.

Grew CBF's active and engaged members to more than 240,000.

Personalized the membership experience by gathering and telling the stories of the Chesapeake and our programs through digital media.

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You Can Help Save the Bay

The support of our members makes all of our work possible, from our environmental education programs, to planting oysters and trees, to advocating for a science-based approach to reducing pollution. Please support CBF and become a member today. Together, we can create a healthy, vibrant Chesapeake Bay, for us and future generations.

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