Visitors explore the Brock Environmental Center and grounds during Save the Bay Family Day. Photo Credit: Kevin O'Hara

Education in a Living Building

How does producing and consuming wind and solar energy help the Bay? What are the positive impacts of repurposing and reusing building materials? How did the Brock Environmental Center and Pleasure House Point Natural Area help preserve certain types of habitat? What is a Living Building?

Students investigate these questions and others while participating in CBF's Brock Environmental Education Program in Virginia Beach. Since launching in 2016, the Brock Program has introduced more than 1,200 students to complex relationships between land-use practices and the lower Chesapeake Bay.

As a certified Living Building ChallengeTM building, the Brock Environmental Center has a net-zero impact on the environment. Students discover why zero-energy is so important to the health of our lands and water. Further, while students explore Pleasure House Point and the Lynnhaven River, they learn about biodiverse marshes, water quality, and even local history. They also learn how the Brock Environmental Center saved this critical area from development plans to privatize the surrounding recreation and wildlife hotspot with the construction of more than 1,000 condominiums and townhomes.

Now, with one of the greenest buildings in the world and one of the last natural marsh habitats in Virginia Beach at their fingertips, students can expand their understanding and appreciation for the Bay while participating in the Brock Environmental Education Program.

Sidebar Photo: Robert Miller.